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Legion of Everblight Kallus, Wrath of Everblight (1 figure) MAIL ORDER Legion of Everblight Kallus, Wrath of Everblight (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
50.00 zł
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1. Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius/Sydonian Dragoon (1 figures)
2. Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Rangers/Skitarii Vanguard (10 figures) MAIL ORDER
3. Reaper Halfling Wizard (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
4. GMF21 Fairies Wear Boots (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
5. 2Blackdragons Empire Middenland Elite Guard Crossbowmen (10 figures) CONVERSION OOP
6. Thief of Hearts #6 - Sorceress (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
7. Thief of Hearts # 5 - Female Mage with Staff (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
8. FW Legion Glaive (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
9. Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
10. FW Legion Sicarian Battle Tank (1 figure) MAIL ORDER

1.Movement Tray...


3.Space Hulk...

4.Dark Eldar...

5.O&G Stone...

6.Chaos Dwarf...

7.Dark Eldar...

8.Movement Tray...

9.Empire State...

10.Chaos Daemons...

I want to buy but...

your site is too confusing
your too expensive
your quality is not good enough
it will take too long
I'm scared of spending o much money via the internet
nothing, I buy :-)

main page: Warhammer FB » Warriors of Chaos » Core Units

Warriors of Chaos Warriors (3 figures)

Games Workshop

Price: 27.00 zł

click here for pictures
contains 3 figures

painting quality 


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Additional notes:

Movement Tray for Troops (25mm) Movement Tray for Troops (25mm)
5.00 zł
Warriors of Chaos Warriors (12 figures) MAIL ORDER Warriors of Chaos Warriors (12 figures) MAIL ORDER
100.00 zł

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