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Legion of Everblight Afflictor (1 figure) MAIL ORDER Legion of Everblight Afflictor (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
52.00 zł
New Items
1. Space Wolves Long Fangs (5 figures)
2. FW Konrad Cruze Primarch of the Night Lords (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
3. Blood Angels Tactical Squad (10 figures)
4. FW Orcs and Goblins Giant River Troll Hag (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
5. FW Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyer (1 set) MAIL ORDER
6. FW Dreadnought Drop Pod (1 figure) MAIL ORDER
7. Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnaught / Murderfang (1 figure)
8. Mercenaries Rocinante Character Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit (1 figure)
9. Mercenaries Captain Damiano (1 figure)
10. Warhammer 40,000 Shield of Baal: Deathstorm Tyranids ONLY (13 figures)

1.Movement Tray...


3.Space Hulk...

4.O&G Stone...

5.Chaos Dwarf...

6.Dark Eldar...

7.Movement Tray...

8.Empire State...

9.Dark Eldar...

10.Chaos Dwarf...

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