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Skorne Titan Gladiator (1 figure) Skorne Titan Gladiator (1 figure)
104.00 zł
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Masterclass quality for 150% of heavy metal quality


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Citadel Dreadstone Blight (1 set)

Citadel Dreadstone Blight (1 set)

Games Workshop

Price: 90.00 zł

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contains 1 figure

painting quality 


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Additional notes:

citadel dreadstone blight standard3.jpg citadel dreadstone blight standard.JPG citadel dreadstone blight standard1.JPG citadel dreadstone blight standard2.JPG citadel dreadstone blight standard3.JPG citadel dreadstone blight basic.JPG citadel dreadstone blight basic1.JPG
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